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At CoBiz & Associates Sdn. Bhd., we turn raw financial data into useful accounting information that tells the story of your organisation.

Your Valued Partner for Business Success

Comprising a professional team of accountants and finance experts, our team is fully equipped with the right expertise to assist you in improving all areas of your organisation - from monitoring key financial processes, optimising cash flows, ensuring legal compliance, to tracking day-to-day transactions.

We are a one-stop accountancy service provider based in Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. Our services are fully modular and are customisable to fit the requirements of any business, making them ideal for

  • Startups and SMEs
  • Groups or parent companies with subsidiaries
  • Businesses looking to transform their accounting processes through digitisation and automation
  • Businesses looking to support their in-house accounting departments

A Tale of Your Financial Health

Financial statements tell the story of your business. Our mission is to help businesses understand key financial figures so they can make better business decisions on how to allocate resources and work towards achieving business goals.

At Cobiz, we specialise in full-set accounting, tax consultancy, business advisory and other essential services that enable in-depth analysis and a comprehensive financial health check for maximum financial awareness.

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